Frequently asked question

What is E-Tailor? How does it work?
Find here the answers to common questions about our service. If you do not find the answer to your question send us a request for information in the contact section.

What is E-Tailor?

E-Tailor is a modular service of electronic commerce through which you can make your on-line store. E-Tailor allows every companies to sell their products worldwide, avoiding heavy financial and setting investiments, required in the case the company wants to set up his own solution for e-commerce business.

How does E-Tailor work?

New works webtech will be in charge to manage all the purchasing process, from the on-line presentation of the products through the management of the warehouse to the management of payments and customer service.

For who is the service?

E-Tailor is created for any company, organization, agency that wants to sell own products or services on-line, in Italy or abroad. If your company sells one or more products or services, don’t esitate to contact New Works Webtech to verify what can be the benefits you meet doing business via web.

I need to purchase a specific software of on-line commerce?

Our service doesn’t ask to purchase dedicated software. E-Tailor realizes for you an on-line store linking your institutional website. The purchasing environment specifically crafted for you will have a design consistent with the brand image of your company. Each customers who will purchase products on your e-store will feel to be inside your institutional website.

What I need to open e-store in outsourcing?

To open your on-line store you only care to create the list of products you want to sell on-line with the specific descriptions and if available the images of products. New Works Webtech will care for the rest.

What about the mantaining cost of software?

All the costs linked to the the software, his creation and mantainance will be in charge of E-Tailor.

I will face costs for the staff trainig?

No, E-Tailor with his internal staff will be in charge to manage all the process from the products presentation to the warehouse until the shipment of the products. The same for the payments and the customer service.

Do I need to dedicate internal human resources to manage all the requests?

No, E-Tailor will manage the service with his internal resources.

Will I set up specific warehouse to the shipment of the products?

No, E-Tailor will use our spaces to stock the products to ship

Will I destinate a person for the creation of financial report for each shipment?

No, E-Tailor will be in charge also the finance. Periodically you will receive the profits deriving from the selling of your products